Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Stylish Cake Stands

Today I've been preoccupied with unique cake stands, or cake stands that make your cake (or cupcakes!) really "pop" out in photos. The stand can often be overlooked by the busy bride, yet the choice of a stand really does influence the cake's presentation. Check out some great cake stands below!

from Nicole Pearce Photography

from Vanilla Bake Shop

for directions on DIY cake stands click on Cake Journal!

Another amazingcake stand from Cake Journal.

from Dot Com Gift Shop

Opium Scented Silhouette Candle in Glass 8cm High

This one from Hallmark (of all places!) is just so different!

InStyle featured a great modern cake stand in Feb. '06, but at $308USD, it is a bit out of my price range... a gal can dream! *sigh*

D├ęcoupage glass cake stand, John Derian.

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bride2be said...

I LOVE the cake stand with the ribbon! so cute!