Monday, May 12, 2008

little extras with your cake!

I think that it is so cute when people serve their cake with a little extra. Whether it is a flower, piece of chocolate, or a flag (as below), it makes the cake service a bit more personal.

This cute idea is from Nestie MirLove

Knottie Cnickler had chocolate covered strawberries served with her cake slices

icecream and a sweet congrats! Photographer Gene Higa

A lovely initial by knottie vallartatiffany


Minnie said...

That initial is so pretty, what a great idea. Chocolate covered strawberries are a yummy idea, too.

Ramblings of a design junkie said...

Thanks for the comment! I am going to try and perfect my meringue-making skills to see if I can do them myself... hope so! otherwise I might have to find a baker who can use this idea!!! :)